Atex, headquartered in the UK with offices worldwide, is a leading software company selling solutions for media-rich industries. We develop smart digital solutions that make a measurable difference and enable our customers to streamline operations and optimise their digital strategy. As a global organisation, we are committed to helping companies build revenues and reduce costs through products that are increasingly personalised, localised, collaborative, contextually relevant, and available on demand.

Anders Christiansen

Anders Christiansen Chief Executive Officer

Anders joins Atex from Saxotech, a Newscycle Solutions company. As CEO of Saxotech he grew the company into being one of the leading suppliers of multichannel content management solutions for the North American and European Nordic markets. Prior to his tenure at Saxotech, he held management and sales positions in various software companies. Anders holds an MBA from the University of Århus, in his native Denmark.

Nishant Fafalia

Nishant Fafalia Chief Financial Officer

Nishant is a previous board member of Atex and has been working with various software companies across Europe and America on behalf of Kistefos, the majority owner of Atex, where he also serves as an investment analyst. His background also includes project management at Orkla Brands, a leading Norwegian FMCG company. Nishant holds a Master of Science from Lund Institute of Technology and a Master of Science from Lund University School of Economics & Management and National University of Singapore.

Jesper Frank

Jesper Frank International Sales Director

Jesper has more than 20 years of media experience working 4 years at a media company and 17 years at Saxotech. He has worked with media companies in EMEA and has spent 7 years in North America where he helped media companies implement content workflow efficiencies and adopt new digital media strategies.
He holds a Master of Science in marketing and finance from the University of Århus in Denmark.

Federico Marturano

Federico Marturano Sales Director for Italy, Spain & AsiaPac

Federico's background is from the Media Industry, he has led the digital operations for Gruppo Monrif in Italy before becoming CEO of L’Unione Editoriale SpA. At Atex he has managed the Italian operations since 2011. He holds an MSc in Business Administration from the University Of Bologna.

Tom York

Tom York Global Director of Services and Support

Tom has over 15 years experience in the software and media industry. He joined Atex in 2000, has successfully delivered and supported software and IT programmes working with customers around the world. During this time at Atex he has held various positions that have involved engaging, designing, planning, implementing and supporting solutions through the ever changing demands of the media industry. Tom holds a BA in Business Administration.

Hans Olsson

Hans Olsson Global Product Manager

Hans was part of the team that started Polopoly in the year 2000. With the other founders, he successfully grew the company to the point where Atex acquired Polopoly in 2008, to strengthen its digital presence. Since the acquisition, Hans has been focused on ensuring that Atex’s digital delivery capabilities are second to none and that they are deployable on a global basis. Hans has held senior roles within the IT-industry and worked for Compaq, Oracle and Logica. He holds an MSc in Computer Science and Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Gian Camillo Vezzoli

Gian Camillo Vezzoli Marketing Director

Camillo has been working for the media industry since 1996. A software engineer at heart, he has enjoyed different roles in the software development business, ranging from Product Development management to Operations Director to Product Management. He believes marketing needs to have a thorough understanding of its company, products and the customers that serves. As such he also continues to lead some of the product development activities focused on the Atex systems of the future.