We are attending the most important gatherings for the digital news media industry, come and meet us.

Digiday Publishing Summit

March 29-31, Vail, Colorado

Finding the money in distributed publishing
Facebook and Google are now attracting up to 85 percent of new ad spending. At the same time, these platforms and others like Snapchat have become media outlets of their own. For publishers, the question isn’t whether to publish on platforms, but how to do so in a profitable, sustainable way that allows them to retain overall control of their strategies.
The Digiday Publishing Summit will convene top publishers to discuss the challenges of publishing in the platform era.


Digital Media Europe

24-26 April, Copenhagen, Denmark

Membership & Subscription Reloaded
Beyond paid journalism - readers as members of an exclusive club

Reclaiming the Premium Ad Market
The shift from data driven to bespoke and branded

Revenue Frontiers
Becoming a content producer for Snapchat & Facebook? Setting up a trading desk for small business campaigns? What’s next?


IFRA World Publishing Expo / DCX Digital Content Expo

10-12 October, Berlin, Germany

The annual gathering for the publishing industry "doubles up", with a new focus on digital publishing and advertising. 


Digital Media Asia

31 October- 02 November, Singapore