Atex Advertising is a fully integrated solution with the tools to help manage every facet of your premium advertising business, from lead generation to revenue collection. Atex Advertising comes in two flavours:


An integrated application for creating multi-media advertising buys

The Enterprise advertising system is a powerful, flexible, and comprehensive solution for media companies to manage the complexity of today's digital, classified and display advertising markets.

It provides ad salespeople with the most effective tools to book, schedule, price, and process ads, including classified liner ads, display ads, combined classified and display ads, web ads, and inserts.

The system integrates and streamlines all facets of advertising sales, production and management processes: order entry, scheduling, pricing, composition (for print and electronic formats), pagination, and reporting. Enterprise effectively manages billing and account information for every customer who runs an ad in any publication, and automatically updates customer contracts.

Speed of change in media business is increasing all the time. Trends in the industry show need for new tools. Integration plays a big role. Enterprise have modern web service API’s based on the latest .NET Framework 4.0.

For asynchronous integrations Enterprise has two-way AdsML interfaces based on Ifra standards.

Our most recent product enhancement has been a ThinClient that can be integrated with third-party CRM’s including MS Dynamics and Upsales. It combines generic CRM solutions used in the media industry with special features like hierarchical product structures, complex pricing and space management.

Enterprise Releases

Enterprise 1.10.14 was released August 2014 and supports Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012.

This release includes Enterprise web services API* but it does not include new solutions that Atex have built on top of the web services:

Feature highlights of the earlier releases are available upon request.

* Please check with your Atex contact to determine if you are able to run the web services with your version of Enterprise.

Sales Command

Fast and efficient management of advertising across multiple media types Sales Command is a suite of advertising management solutions. It includes the new generation, fully integrated, advertising sales system designed for fast and efficient management of advertisements across multiple media types. Sales Command integrates all advertising functions from classified ad taking and production, to display and Internet ad management and contract management. Another component of Sales Command, ClassPage allows for full pagination of a publication's classified section.

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