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Some of the world’s busiest and most advanced websites use the Atex Web Content Management System to provide audiences with an enriched, engaging and high-performing digital experience across all web, mobile and tablet channels.


Powered by industry-leading Polopoly technology, the Atex Web CMS is a platform that combines robust content management capabilities with audience-first features that help minimize business development lead times, support effortless cross-channel publishing, and enable rapid site creation.


In an online universe that’s changing daily, the key to success is to evolve and adapt quickly. The Atex Web CMS allows media-rich enterprises to create continually innovative web experiences, while maintaining brand quality and a constant customer focus. The Atex platform enables this via its modular design and plug-in architecture, which makes it easy to extend and customize almost everything in the system.


Atex Web CMS is also a true multi-channel platform. It supports print, broadcast, web, mobile, tablet and other digital media channels. With Atex Web CMS, content is created once for one channel and immediately made available for reuse in other channels. The workflow is completely configurable, enabling companies to maximize the return on content investment, as well as to repackage and distribute any content for maximum revenue.


Performance and openness are cornerstones of the Atex Web CMS. Built using 100% Java technology, the Atex Polopoly platform is constructed with open API’s web services, and XML integration to existing data repositories. For media-rich enterprises, this is truly the best of all worlds: a digital content management platform that is secure, scalable, and able to support very high traffic volumes, yet is also flexible and user-friendly enough to fit into any current or forward-looking workflow environment.

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