Product Support

Covering all of your Atex products, these programs are designed to put you in touch with the information and support you need to maintain your system and enhance its value over time. No matter which level of service you choose, you have access to the same highly skilled technical support professionals who have the knowledge you need to succeed in today’s fast paced, mission-critical media environment.

Standard Support Services

Atex's standard Support Services includes the following, covering the needs of most customers:

Our product support helpdesk is available from 09:00 - 17:30 Local time on Business Days.  Extended support and 24/7 support are available as an additional service.  Problems can be reported 24x7 via our Web support systems.


Web Support
The Web support systems contain access to various levels of information including full product documentation, software downloads, FAQs, patches, release news, training details and customer discussion forums. If you have a support account, you can visit the support web via the appropriate Regional support centre links.

Error correction/handling
The Atex support team collect all error reports and product development requests in the error handling system. In the system, all issues are given a priority level, an initial status and a unique number, enabling customers to monitor the handling of the request throughout the process.

Updates and upgrades
All new releases and version upgrades are included in the standard support agreement. Atex normally releases 1 - 2 major upgrades and 3 - 4 minor updates per year.


Support and Maintenance Contract

The Support Services are only available to clients with a current Support and Maintenance Contract. Details of the actual Service Level Agreement (SLA) between Atex and its client will be captured in the contract existing between the two parties.

Atex User Groups

Atex supports an active User Group program across the world and proactively participates in order to give customers the best forums for exchanging ideas and experience across the Atex solution range. The development of the Product Strategy and Roadmaps is very much influenced by the input gathered from the user groups and customer reference groups. The format of the User Groups varies across the various Regions and Countries.

Regional Support Centres

AsiaPac Support
EMEA Support
Latin America Support

Polopoly Web CMS Support

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