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«You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before»

Rahm Emanuel

Atex never stops

Atex was founded in the USA in 1973 with a vision of creating an electronic composition system for magazines and newspapers. The system was based on a terminal-server paradigm with proprietary hardware and software. Many of America’s major dailies adopted Atex systems and by the mid 80s also the European market followed.

Many things have changed and the role of the media has never been more crucial than today. People want to have quality information at their fingertips: they need reliable and fast content. This trend will not stop in the future: on the contrary, it will be strongly confirmed. Atex, a company with solid roots in the past and a future-forward perspective, has all the tools necessary for this endevour.

Atex is a member of Constellation Software, a leading global software and services provider and a “lifetime investor”. This guarantees the economic and financial means to overcome complicated situations. We are already helping publishers deliver news quickly and effectively, enabling the production of some of the biggest publishing groups in the world. Newspapers, websites, magazines and broadcasters use our platforms every day. Many of them are pioneers in innovation, just like us. And we share the same vision of the future.

We are living and working in unprecedented times, experiencing new ways of living and working. These times call for a new approach, even in the media sector. We believe that journalism will inherently change, and this will require new production tools. Ours are here and now. We don’t wait for tomorrow. We anticipate future needs.

Atex is a smart company, with a presence on every continent. For this reason we are able to anticipate the latest global information trends, in order to share roadmaps and innovations. Our teams around the world can lead through change, no matter where they are. Our digital technologies are making media more efficient, answering difficult questions in a rapidly evolving climate.

“Necessity is the mother of all inventions”, as they say. We prefer to think that the future is an opportunity to do more with the same resources, combining innovation and efficiency. This is the greatest challenge of a contemporary publisher. This will be the greatest challenge of a publisher of tomorrow.

Together we are working smarter than yesterday
Because the future is now

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