Corporate Publishing Solutions

Atex has brought its extensive expertise to the world of corporate publishing.

For companies that need to communicate, both internally and externally, to an audience in a regular and consistent way, it is important to have a central repository where multiple roles can collaborate to craft and distribute content.

Content that is vital to boost the online presence and to spread the company brand.

Atex ACE is the product that can be introduced in no time, thanks to it SAAS model, in a company of any size to enjoy the benefits of:

  • A centralized repository for all kind of content

  • Web and mobile authoring tools

  • Configurable content creation, approval and publishing workflow

  • Web Site managemnt tools

  • Easy implementation of new web sites

  • Scalable and efficient front end management


A powerful and flexible web experience manager solution that let a publisher build modern web sites using an agile framework based on modern, well known, technologies like React and Spring.

Instant-On Solutions

With an ‘instant-on‘ package, running the Amazon AWS cloud environment, you have quick access to our solutions, monitored 24/7 by a dedicated team of application, infrastructure, security and networking Amazon certified professionals.

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