Bell Media

Bell Media is one of the largest media companies in Canada which offers several of the country's most popular pay TV, radio, out-of-home advertising and digital media properties. Bell Media owns 30 local TV stations led by CTV, 35 specialty channels, four pay TV services and 106 licensed radio stations in 54 markets across Canada.

“Content distribution rules and revenue models are changing. We need to be extremely creative to spread our content in a more attractive/efficient/addictive way for the user and the advertiser. From an editor perspective we must be very flexible. We need to review our revenue model and offer an in-context experience to the advertiser. Second screen, native app, smart TV and mobile devices will link to more than ever in context ads based on behavioural targeting. To accomplish this we need a strong technical platform and services which is why we choose Atex Polopoly”

Sophie Théberge – Bell Media Quebec

Multi-site hosting

Taking advantage of the multi-tenancy of Atex WCMS enables Bell Media to reduce the operating costs and bring a consistent user experience across their online properties.

Technical consolidation

Putting sites on one technical foundation enables Bell Media to develop functionality once and reuse it across many sites. This reduces the time to market and has increased quality by providing the teams with a cohesive testable framework for new development.

Editorial efficiency

Consistent workflows, automation and heavy use of metadata enables editorial efficiency and content reuse. It also promotes a relevant user experience for the visitors, by presenting new and relevant content on the site.

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