L'Espresso is one of the most authoritative and innovative Italian news weekly magazines, it is the flagship of the magazine publishing division of Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso. The magazine website and the print product are produced with the Atex integrated multi channel content management suite. Continuous innovation, attention to the evolution of the digital landscape and obsession for quality journalism are driving the success of the website of L'Espresso, that sees a 20% increase of readers year over year.

Home Page Management and Planning

LEspresso is a news focused magazine, the website marries the magazine in depth coverage with up to date information and updates. With the tailored dashboard for homepage planning, editors control the flow of upcoming articles and plan their appearance ahead of time. An "incoming news" queue announces articles that are ready to be published and "warns" of the ones that need multimedia enrichment.

Digital Paywall

Espresso+ is the premium offer of "L'Espresso" that gives access to "subscribers only" content, movies, e-books and full "on line" reading of the print publication. The newsroom is full in control of which articles are freely available or are part of the premium package. Accessing a premium article without a subscription shows an abstract of the article and highlights the advantages of the premium offer.

Multi Media Box

Articles are enriched with digital only multimedia content: animations, infographics, videos, galleries.

Editors have a "Multi Media Box" where all multimedia content for an article is gathered and previewed. Enhancements can be "copy&pasted" at any position inside the main article text flow. Videos are managed by the company wide video management systems and are transparently accessible inside the articles management UI.

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