The Irish Times is an Irish daily broadsheet newspaper launched on 29 March 1859, it is published every day except Sundays.

With a history of 150 years in print, the first edition of the Irish Times was published in 1859. The Irish Times has earned an international reputation as Ireland’s quality daily newspaper. News reporting from throughout Ireland is accompanied by reports from a comprehensive network of foreign correspondents, as well as sports and business coverage, features and arts sections, lifestyle, jobs and property. The online version of the publication was established 15 years ago and went live with the DM.polopoly in March 2013.

Responsive Design

The project solution at the Irish Times for the Web content delivery makes use of Responsive Design to tailor the presentation of content across a number of mobile, tablet and desktop channels. This responsive solution ensures that the content is authored once but delivered appropriately to the respective device accounting for the clients browser's bandwidth, screensize and orientation.
The "mobile" slide out menu appears when the site is accessed from small screen devices to allow for deep engagement on every platform.

Flexible Web Layouts

The web pages of the Irish Times are authored using a flexible layout of components. The Editorial staff required the ability to have a number of different page layouts and presentation of teasers or content across the site. All presentation components were built to be easily used across all page layouts and each page could choose from a number of pre-defined layouts such that the Editorial staff were able to easily tailor the site without requiring specific technical development skills.

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