Serving a population of 11 million on Long Island and New York City, Newsday websites, apps and publications are among the most popular in the United States. Newsday engages its audience 24/7 on the platform of their choice: print, digital, mobile, experiential marketing and on-air.

Modular Page Design

Web templates are built with a modular design. Each “slot” on a page can contain any of the available object types that the Newsday newsroom creates (articles, image and video galleries, maps, quizzes, polls, etc.), and they can be positioned to respond to real time analytics or editorial requirements. They’re never stuck with a “predefined” page layout!

Mobile Perfection

Responsive design is a hot topic in digital media, but “automatic” rearranging of the page design might not always bring the best user experience. Newsday uses a mobile-specific layout, optimized for smartphone screens, and thanks to Polopoly’s multiple template options, no duplicate effort is needed to populate and maintain different versions of the website.

Newsday API

Newsday websites serve as a “content platform” that drive other digital initiatives. All content is accessible through a JSON API that is available for whitelabeling, to be used by Newsday partners, or to enhance the features of Newsday iOS and Android apps, for example to augment the digital replicas of the print edition with live multimedia content and news updates.

From web to print

Newsday is one of the most popular newspapers in the U.S., and all content originating on Newsday websites (produced by digital staff or as user generated content) is also available for publishing in the daily print run. Newsday editors can easily select digital content to print and have it automatically laid out for print publications

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