Business Critical

Back in 2009 Unibet was in the need for a new web CMS which would be easy to operate and that would avoid costly, resource and time intensive “round trips”. Their product of choice became the Atex Web CMS Polopoly.

“It is our bloodline. If it goes down for a day or for an hour, that’s a lot of money. That cuts off our revenue stream. So we needed a system that could handle tough peak loads to deliver the required up-time. And, after much research, we really had strong faith that Atex Polopoly could deliver that stability to us.”

— Stefan Norberg former Head of Architecture at Unibet

Time to market

Polopoly enables Unibet to shorten lead times and time to market, which is essential in order to maximize new revenue generation opportunities.

During 2013 Unibet made a gross profit of more than GBP 199.9 million (stated in their annual report 2013), which was made possible only through their on-line presence.

Stability and scalability serves over 9.5 million customers in more than 100 countries with their platform for sports betting, casino, games and online poker. Unibet use the Atex Web CMS Polopoly because of its stable, flexible and scalable architecture. Polopoly also enables Unibet to serve all of their customers in all digital channels required.

Flexible layout

For Unibet to be able to provide the best possible “moneytainment” (the thrill of putting money at stake in order to win more, the heart of Unibet´s vision) their web design is flexible to work with all different devices. This enables a user to e.g. place bets on a game via a tablet or a smart phone while watching the game live.

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