ERP for Advertising Companies

Ad booking and Ad production

Everything an advertising company or a media center needs to manage the whole advertising booking workflow.

For companies whose business is the advertising collection, Atex has products and services to help them grow their revenues and manage customer relationships through field oriented web applications. We help sales agents nurture customer relationships and win opportunities back.

Changes in the consumption of media, increased pressure for targeted advertising, understanding of customer data and unpredictability of the market are pushing media houses to create an agile way of working.

Media houses are forced to move from publishing to cross-media industry with a focus on customer service. More complex product and service portfolio and smaller revenue sources push firms to establish new types of industry networks with the aim to cut costs and to beat increasing international competition.

Atex understands the whole advertising value chain, from booking to publishing it on different channels. Our advertising and content management solutions provide hassle free end to end implementation, including planning and materials management.

5 Benefits of our Ad Solutions

  • Multi-channel support

  • Complex and flexible products definition

  • Integration with popular adservers

  • Scale well from two to two thousands users

  • Fully managed Cloud implementation

cross advertising

Manage your entire advertising
workflow in one place.
Browser based solution providing…

cloud solutions

Cross-advertising can be delivered as Saas, in the cloud or on premise. If you are thinking about cloud-based…

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