dm.desk 1.6

dm.desk 1.6

Digital Media Desk is the innovative solution from Atex that unifies asset and content management, with an easy to use mobile-friendly user interface.

Version 1.6 was released to the market in September 2016, in this 30 minute video we showcase all the new features:

  • Folders
    Organise content in a hierchical structure, users can create and share their own folders for maximum flexibility. Smart folders simplify content discovery.
  • Workflow
    Define workflows for all type of contents, tailored to the needs of small and large organisations.
  • Locking
    Gives exclusive access to editing functionalities.
  • Editing history
    All content and metadata edits are logged and preserved. Explore the history of changes for an asset and restore previous versions.
  • Engagements
    Finer detail on content usage.
  • NewsML and content packages
    Ingestion of NewsML wires and management of multimedia content packages.
  • Smart Routes
    Easy management of batch import options.

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