We are attending the most important gatherings for the digital news media industry, come and meet us.

Ediland Meeting 2018

13/14 June, Verona, Italy

Fabrizio Riva, Sales Directory for Italy, will be on stage to talk about the digital business. Challenges and opportunities in a moment in time that is seeing positive advancements for the newspaper industry.

The GEN Summit

30 May-1 June, Lisbon, Portugal


Once again, there are radical shifts that are upending today’s media landscape. How can game-changing technologies such as artificial intelligence, voice interfaces, and blockchain impact your newsroom? And how can they be used to improve efficiency and build a deeper relationship with audiences?

If you want to read more on the key topics that will be discussed during the conference, click here for the full article on our Medium publication.

Whether you are a multinational publisher or a local newsroom, the GEN Summit will present you with solutions and insights that can make your journalism more impactful – and sustainable. We’re making a place for thought-provoking conversations across three themes:

Disruption (30 May)   |   Personalisation (31 May)   |   Monetisation (1 June)


Digital Media Europe

10-11 April, Copenhagen, Denmark

Digital reader revenue
As we start to see an increase in digital subscriber numbers, how can we ensure revenue keeps pace?

Innovation culture
Schibsted and Axel Springer continue to change and evolve. How can others open up, diversify and accelerate development?

(Social) Platform monetisation strategies
Hot on the heels of our Facebook monetisation report, how can news publishers exploit social platforms to maximise revenue?

Pricing Premium- beating the digital ad crisis
Mobile ad spend is growing, but all that money is going to Facebook and Google. Can we maintain a premium niche? Or should we band together?


Digital Media Asia

7-9 November, Hong Kong

Digital Media Asia has, since its launch in 2009, grown to become the largest new media conference dedicated to the news publishing industry in Asia. The event offers three focussed days of conference and workshops and a technology and services expo. The 9th Asian Digital Media Awards will be presented during the conference.


IFRA World Publishing Expo / DCX Digital Content Expo

9-11 October, Berlin, Germany

The annual gathering for the publishing industry has now found home in Berlin!



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