In these alarming times, the role of news is predominant. People around the world need reliable information and publishers web site access numbers are skyrocketing. Atex remains fully operational and can help you during this moment of difficulty.

1.Projects are not on hold

Our PS teams worldwide are ‘smart working’ and all projects are ongoing. We have now implemented solutions to carry out remotely activities that were traditionally performed onsite, such as training and problem solving.

2.Smart Work Support

If you need to enable ‘smart working’ for all your users, we can support you in quickly setting up cloud-based remote access options either through local partners or Amazon AWS.

3.IT Support

Our Managed Services center is fully operational and if you need extra help monitoring and managing your systems, either in house or in the cloud, we can assist.

4.Continuing Production

If you have staff members that are unable to work which is impacting your ability to continue production of content, we can supply you with the missing resources for both print production support and layout design.


For more information, leave us your email address and we will contact you