Atex announces the new version of the Digital Asset Management product launched at the beginning of 2015, Digital Media Desk and the new version of the popular multi channel experience management platform, Digital Media Polopoly.

Digital Media Desk is a new approach to Digital Asset Management, that combines typical features like a picture desk, dossier creation and video management with the flexibility, scalability and customisation options of the company proven web experience management platform, Polopoly.

Cloud, Smart and Efficient are the keywords that best describe the latest iteration of the products released this July.

With version 1.2, Digital Media Desk now gives the option of ingesting Twitter® feeds and treating Tweets as any other digital asset managed by the system. This means they get automatically text mined, tagged and indexed alongside the other information sources managed by Desk.

With this version we are also offering standard NewsML filters to manage incoming information feeds like wires from popular News Agencies worldwide.

A new Media Gallery tool has been introduced to manage multimedia content galleries, aggregating in a single collection different types of assets, defining the ordering, descriptions and all the information that is needed to publish them on digital channels. If used with the web publishing features of Polopoly, monitoring wires and social networks, selecting different media and publishing them on a web site is done in a matter of seconds.

The focus of the Polopoly 10.14 release has been on improving support for content reuse and efficiency of the system.

A new caching mechanism based on a NoSQL implementation allows better scalability of web sites with a very large footprint, leveraging on the automatic clustering capabilities of NoSQL databases.

Content access APIs have been reviewed to provide automatic content format conversions and default support for JSON type formats.

Polopoly 10.14 now also supports the latest iteration of Java® 8.

Hans Olsson, Global Product Manager for Atex, comments about this release: “We have high ambitions at Atex. Digital Media is a rich digital enablement platform that offers a wide range of features for editorial departments, marketing people and web sites developers. As such, our efforts in every release are on providing new, exciting, functionalities that help develop the digital business and on improving the technology behind, a basic requirement for customers like ours, constantly innovating their digital presence”