Atex proudly announces that Michele Alessandrini has been appointed CTO and will direct the new Cloud Competence Center. Michele will report to the CEO Federico Marturano.

Michele Alessandrini, a former Senior Solution Architect at Amazon Web Services, is moving to Atex from his previous role as Head of Technology – Cloud Adoption and Governance at Yoox Net-A-Porter. He earned his experience working on business-related cloud architectures and technology leadership for over a decade.

Michele will bring his knowledge in building and optimising B2B solutions to establish a cloud competence centre targeted to Atex, their customers and the entire group. The new division will leverage a dedicated team and bring incremental knowledge and innovation. It will define and implements patterns and architectures that will enable new business models in line with customer needs and a constantly changing market.

“We are extremely proud to have Michele in our team. His competencies, on one end, will lead Atex to improve our solutions’ architectures, achieving higher standards of cost efficiency, security, scalability and sustainability. On the other end, the new cloud competence centre will become a landmark for companies in the media industry and within our group”, commented Federico Marturano, CEO of Atex.

Cloud is the native enabler to addressing business challenges and a common factor for technology investments within most businesses. Companies can improve their time-to-market, address cybersecurity challenges, and tackle new business opportunities by adopting SaaS solutions based on cloud infrastructures.

“I am thrilled to work with Federico, and the entire leadership team in Atex, to build innovation and create value for our customers. Cloud is an enabler in a path that includes people, skills, vision and strategy. The competence centre will accelerate this journey, leveraging our experience in cloud governance, security and cost optimisation. We believe this will bring a significative value both for our industry and within the group”, added Michele Alessandrini, CTO of Atex.