Last October, at the World Publishing Expo in Amsterdam, Atex announced a new Digital Asset Management solution that combines typical features of a DAM system, like a picture desk, dossier creation and videos management, with the flexibility, scalability and customisation options of the company proven web experience management platform, Polopoly.

It is now released on the market as part of the Atex Digital Media platform: Digital Asset Management and Digital Publishing together, in a single system.
Imagine the possibilities, assets ready to be used and monetised in digital and print publishing strategies. A single metadata definition that runs across the content lifecycle, from ingestion to publication on different sources, with automatic text tagging and categorisation.
Digital Media Desk is open, fast and scalable with a NoSQL database, and can serve many different purposes in a media company:

Federico Marturano, Global Sales Director for Atex, is excited about the new release: “The media industry is looking for open, fast content management systems that allow a single and unified view of all the company assets, coupled with the flexibility to quickly disseminate content to all the possible publishing channels, present and future ones”
“Our customers are asking us for a flexible platform, digital oriented, that can be used to produce and manage content for any kind of channel and marketing strategy.” - adds Hans Olsson, Global Product Manager - “It felt natural for us to expand our proven Web CMS technology and make it the foundation for a new product line that includes robust print production features”

Atex Digital Media is a modular and scalable content management platform, its modules can be combined to accommodate all needs of a modern publisher, read more on our new web site: