Media groups Schibsted, Bonnier News, Stampen Media and Mediekompaniet signed an agreement with Atex to deliver a self-service product (Rialto) allowing media agencies to sell cross-media group campaigns in Sweden.

Booking print advertising is a complex process involving several manual steps and multiple actors. Agencies typically create media plans within their internal system and negotiate prices and placements with many different publishers. Commercial negotiations usually occur via email or phone, sending Excel plans and PDF order forms back and forth.

The advantages to having a unified platform are multiple. Media agencies can check real-time inventory availability, get up-to-date pricing, handle materials and creativity, and benefit from a one-stop shop for media buying. The new system can store past and future orders in one place, providing unified access to all the publications and supporting the process via workflows and notifications.

Rialto is based on the Atex Cross-advertising solution and developed in partnership with media groups and agencies. By leveraging real-time integrations with calendars, formats and availabilities for each product, Rialto will provide media agencies with a highly efficient one-stop shop to book cross-product print campaigns.

Finally, the integration platform will sync the order and customer details with other systems. The publisher’s advertising system and production system, as well as the agencies ERP systems, will be automatically updated, removing manual tasks and risks of errors.

Picture 1 – A preview of the Rialto dashboard with one order selected

We are thrilled to have successfully completed our proof of concept for this project and have really enjoyed working closely with the media groups during the process. It’s clear that there are considerable benefits to this solution and its satisfying to begin full-scale development. We’re really looking forward to delivering an innovative, easy to use and well-integrated product that we can evolve with the market” commented Tom York, Head of the Atex Advertising Business Unit.

We’ve been using Cross-advertising for years: it’s a powerful solution, and it’s great to see it will also support the entire workflow with media agencies” – Magne E. Sønstebø, Head of Print HUB NO/SE, Schibsted

We found in Atex a reliable partner: they perfectly know the industry and the advertising flow” – Alexander Lydecker, CCO, Bonnier News

Print advertising is a powerful way to deliver the marketing message. For a long time we have been looking for a new way to make it more efficient. Now, with Atex, we have the solution” Björn Aronsson, CEO, Mediekompaniet

Never overselling, working with us through meetings and workshops. We found in Atex a partner we can trust” – Henrik Carlsson, Försäljningsdirektör, Stampen