Atex announces the availability of Digital Media Desk 1.8, introducing new workflow management options and multimedia functionalities.

Digital Media Desk is a new approach to Digital Asset Management, that combines typical asset management features like picture desk, dossier creation and videos management with the flexibility, scalability and customisation options of the company proven web experience management platform, Polopoly. With this new release, Digital Media Desk expands its reach, closing the gap between asset management and content management, making it a single platform that can manage incoming materials, production of content for multiple platform and delivery on digital and print channels, using Atex products or integrating with 3rd parties.

The highlights of the new release are:

When presenting the new release, Anders Christiansen, Atex CEO, explains “We are currently running five projects with major publishers in Europe and North America that have a single common denominator: decouple content management and content publishing. They want to effectively have a single platform and a single tool to manage all aspects of content production, like content contribution, wires, social input, content authoring, picture and video workflow. When it comes to publishing, they want to retain the flexibility to adopt and integrate the systems that are more relevant and up to date or, in some cases, retain their legacy solutions and integrate them with the new platform. This is where our product development efforts are focused right now and expect more announcements in the same direction in the next weeks”