Atex, leading software company for the media industry, has launched a new campaign to promote ACE – an innovative CMS specifically designed for news publishing – and is offering to plant one tree for every new prospect.


ACE is an API first, decoupled, innovative web CMS designed by the company that has been at the forefront of news related innovations during the last 50 years. Atex is starting a new social campaign to promote the product, and the difference ­­– in this case – is that Atex will plant a new tree for every contact. This initiative is developed in partnership with JUST ONE Tree, a UK-based organization that supports reforestation around the globe, focusing on areas severely affected by mass deforestation.

“We operate in the news publishing industry and for many years we’ve been grateful to the resources the environment has provided to our industry” – says Alberto Mari, Head of Business Development in Atex. While environmental awareness has increased and most of the paper used for print news now comes from sustainable sources, there is still a lot to do. “While we understand the path towards sustainability is complex and we are far from an ideal spot, this campaign is a small step in the right direction. It starts from the early stages of the sales process and contributes to raising awareness in the content industry”.

“We are starting the partnership with JUST ONE Tree promoting the latest addition to our products portfolio, but we are not stopping there. From now on, we are going to plant one tree for every prospect that will get in touch with us through our web site or our social channels.”