Digital Media Desk is the new Atex product to seamlessly manage all assets of a modern media company. In a 30 minutes webinar we will present the single platform that combines digital asset management, web experience management, mobile reporting and social curation.
June 25th - 11 CET - 30 Minutes

The world of publishing is changing quickly - you have to run to keep up with the pace of innovation brought by the digital landscape.

To win, you need great, performant solutions to support your business.

How is your solution performing? How many systems do you need to manage your workflows? How do you handle content contribution from mobile devices? How easy is it to efficiently reuse assets on multiple channels? Do you have flexible collaboration tools?

“Atex Digital Media” is your brand new running equipment: a modular platform that manages all of your digital content production and publishing workflows built on a scalable NoSQL architecture and an easy to use mobile front end. 

Join us on June 25th - in a 30 minutes free Webinar we’ll present the power of Digital Asset Management, Digital Publishing and Live Contribution in a single platform. Follow us on our journey and see how quick and easy it is to:
   - Live report from an event using mobile tools,
   - assemble and select content from many and varied sources and
   - publish on the fly to any channel.

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