Atex, a leading provider of content management and advertising systems for the global media industry, is pleased to announce that DirektPress is live with Atex’s Cross-advertising CRM solution.

DirektPress in Sweden publishes 39 local free newspapers every week, with a total circulation of just over 1,200,000 copies. Considering the local focus, the distribution and the composition of the advertisers’ network, it is essential for DirektPress to have CRM and ad booking functionalities available as one solution: to simplify IT infrastructure, reduce costs and shorten the customer/ad booking process for sales reps.

Cross-advertising provides DirektPress with end to end solution for streamlining ad sales for all media. As an existing Cross-advertising customer, DirektPress upgraded to the latest version and took advantage of its new modern web based front end, which includes enhanced CRM capabilities.

As a sales manager I can manage and follow all activities and sales for the different sales teams. It was easy to set up and continuously adapt the system to follow our CRM sales process.

Kristofer Sahlström, Sales Manager DirektPress

With its improved functionality and web-based application, Atex anticipates growing demand for its Cross-adverting functionality. To learn more about the Atex’s commercial solutions, please visit