The Ente dello Spettacolo Foundation, publisher of the Rivista del Cinematografo, has chosen Atex solutions for multi-channel publication both on paper and online.

Established by the Italian Episcopal Conference in 1947, the Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo is one of the leading organisations in the movie industry with the aim of spreading and promoting cinematographic culture in Italy. With its various activities of movie reviews, training, planning, communication, organisation of events, workshops and festivals, the Foundation is a point of reference for every film enthusiast in Italy and abroad.

Published in 1928 for the first time, Rivista del Cinematografo is one of the main film magazines in Italy. Through its content, readers can find all the information and reviews on any upcoming film, learn about television programming and stay updated on the entertainment world. Moreover, every fan of the big and small screen can, with a subscription to the magazine, access the online archive containing reviews and data on every movie from 1928 to today.

To create an integrated editorial system ­– where content is created in a neutral version and then published on multiple channels – the Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo has chosen Desk for print and digital production. Thanks to Desk, the entire historical archive of reviewed and analysed movies from 1928 to today is finally online. Atex also provided graphic and communication design in partnership with Studio Wenceslau in Barcelona.

“We’ve been working every day for those who love cinema, and we can finally show you how we were able to innovate its communication. To innovate means doing something in a new way. Therefore, when innovating, we are indeed embarking on a journey. Innovation leads to novelties that spring from an ancient and precious reality without however betraying it or denying its existence. On the contrary, innovation wants to make that reality present, accessible, attractive and part of a process that involves and interests even those who read it, see it, and listen to it. Being a leader in the field, Atex is the perfect partner to achieve all our goals. That’s why we chose their system.” (Mons. Davide Milani – President)

The editorial team uses Desk to create all multimedia content published on the Cinematografo website. The delivery of the website, both online and mobile, is made via ACE, Atex cloud-based website management service. The ACE service is entirely managed by Atex and enables the use of the most recent technologies, such as a microservices architecture and a front-end in React, to provide high-performing and scalable sites.