Atex announces that Johnston Press PLC, one of the biggest publishers in the UK (with 250 paid and free weeklies newspapers, 13 dailies and 198 local news websites) placed an order for its new DAM solution, Atex “Digital Media Desk”.  DM.Desk will complement the Atex DM.Print and DM.Polopoly options already powering the company digital business.

Atex DM.Desk is open, fast and scalable with a NoSQL database, and can serve many different purposes in a media company:

“At Johnston Press we are working on empowering our newsrooms so they are able to manage more titles and platforms, with flexible tools that let them manage and administer large quantity of incoming information and orchestrate delivering of tailored content on multiple channels  “ -  says Mike Fisher, IT director (core) at Johnston Press – “We are using Atex products to manage content production and delivery on digital and print channels and it is a natural step forward to complete our Atex infrastracture with the new Digital Assset Management option. With this implementation we will be able to greatly simplify our infrastracture, having one system and one user interface to handle archive, wires, contributors, picture and video desk, content production and content delivery on all print and digital JP titles”

Tom York, Atex Director of Services and Support, also comments  - “We have been working during 2015 with JP to implement our web authoring tool, ACT, that empowers their newsrooms with mobile tools to create content and publish it naturally on all of their channels, digital and traditional. With Desk we are moving onto the next phase of the project, where all content produced and ingested by JP will be accessible in the same way, giving journalists and reporters a unique environment to manage, autor and publish all content for all titles and channels”