Kayak started successfully into production phase by November 1st at DDV Mediengruppe in Dresden, Germany.

DDV Mediengruppe publishes the daily newspapers Sächsische Zeitung and Morgenpost Sachsen – distributing more than 250.000 copies to subscribers in 20 local editions – as well as several advertising papers and proves its digital competence with the news portals sächsische.de and TAG24.de. Publishing news in print and digital being its core business DDV Mediengruppe is widening its impact beyond this area by operating in various ventures including postal service, logistics, call center, trade fairs or travel agency.

Jorma Ainassaari, CEO from Jaicom Oy comments:

“Kayak go-live at DDV Mediengruppe, Germany is a remarkable milestone and opening in the German market for our company. We are looking forward to utilizing the experience gained during the DDV project and get new projects in Germany, as well as other German speaking regions. I want to express my sincere thanks to DDV project team regarding the committed and fluent co-operation during the project.”

Manuela Räbiger from DDV Sachsen GmbH, head of sales operations and managing director of MVD GmbH, responsible for media distribution in DDV Mediengruppe, summarizes:

“With Jaicom we found an experienced, competent, and future-oriented partner in our aim to ensure our sales and distribution processes to be stable, adaptable and versatile in a very important phase of our business: running print distribution reliably and efficient while mastering the transformation towards digital channels and products. Working closely with the committed and always outcome oriented Jaicom team we have brought this project to a successful Go Live in November 2020. Jaicom´s dedication to adapt its software to the German market and to our complexity in product and distribution structures ensured a smooth start. We are looking forward to reaping the benefits of a modern system, learning on the way from our Scandinavian colleagues in publishing and preparing for the challenges ahead. “

Aija Kurki, Project Manager from Jaicom celebrates the outcome:

Project at DDV Mediengruppe has been a unique test for both our organization and for our software. Both turned out to be resistant and dependable. Our working with customer was always oriented on success and future co-operation and I trust we are both looking forward for the next steps. Project team happy and proud about this milestone achieved!”