The first phase of the Kayak deployment project at Russmedia GmbH ended with a successful production start at the end of 2017. Russmedia is an international media house headquartered in Schwarzach, Austria. In addition to the traditional print and distribution business, Russmedia is very active in utilizing new technologies. Russmedia has 1000 employees at 14 facilities across Europe.

Bernd Heregger from Vorarlberg Mail distribution company owned by Russmedia comments:
”We knew that it is risky to choose a system from a provider not established in the German market, but Jaicom’s many years of experience, expertise, stress-resistant project team and our very intensive testing have contributed to a successful GoLive. The day we went live, there was not a single interruption, in terms of our work processes. Kayak’s scalability, versatility and engagement of the whole project team has helped to transform our operations quickly and smoothly. We are very pleased that the Jaicom team worked with us closely to achieve this and to enable us to receive the benefits of Kayak. So we are certain that also next project phase will be very successful.”

Aija Kurki, Project Manager from Jaicom comments:
“Project in a new market is an exciting challenge but from the start, it was clear that Russmedia’s professional and dedicated project team makes this project successful. Project scope containing core Kayak, carrier management, new third-party integrations in the new business environment and in new language area made this project truly different compared to last similar size of projects. During the project there emerged bigger and smaller surprises which were all tackled with persistent and hardworking teams in both Russmedia’s and Jaicom’s sides. Jaicom’s team is happy to continue with Russmedia to extend Kayak use with new features in the next project phases.”

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