560 users, 10 National editions, zoned and international, almost 900 pages produced every day. These are the impressive numbers of La Repubblica, one of Europe’s biggest newspapers.

Gruppo Espresso publishes a large number of different editorial products: the flagship daily newspaper La Repubblica, a number of local newspapers under the Finegil brand and a catalogue of magazines, including the news weekly Espresso.

The group is currently working with Atex to consolidate the production systems for all of their titles onto a single architecture.This consolidation project has been implemented in phases, starting with the local newspapers followed by the magazines and is now complete having gone live La Repubblica on June 9, 2015. It started gradually in March 2015, bringing all the editorial sections and different newsrooms on the new content management system: the Atex Digital Media editorial platform.

With Atex Media Desktop, the journalists use one tool to access all information sources and the 6.000.000 assets managed by the new system.  This also includes the Atex Digital Media Core, which facilitates exchange of content with all the digital publishing platforms in use.

Articles are easily enriched with multimedia content and continuously published.  Fresh content is immediately published on digital channels and then expanded for the print title.

eEditions are also managed efficiently. PDF and materials from the print editions are made available to the “digital replica” within minutes of the print deadline.

Integrations with ad bookings and ad materials systems have been completely revamped, implementing automated workflows to create editorial page plans and the management of ad placement and reservations. To simplify the management of complex zoned editions, the editorial planning tool automatically creates zoned plans that can be further customised if needed. The ad reconciliation process is also an automated process.

Preparing and designing print pages has been streamlined.  Page layout staff are guided through the process of selecting a page template that matches the booked advertising and the editorial needs.

The project has been implemented by a joint Atex-Gruppo Espresso team. Atex has provided all the resources needed to support the training phases and production go live. Atex has also supported Gruppo Espresso in implementing the new newspaper design.

The Atex Managed Services team is now in charge of the whole infrastructure, responsible for the continuity of the services, monitoring and managing problems resolutions and running maintenance procedures. Atex is also coordinating the “Focal Point”, a team that orchestrates support calls to all the suppliers of the print and pre-press workflows during production times.

Federico Marturano, Managing Director of Atex Italy, commented, “Gruppo Editoriale Espresso is an innovative publishing group with a large portfolio of diversified products. I am proud of this collaboration because it involves Atex not only as technology supplier but as primary partner in the overall management of the project and the infrastructure. We have been responsible for all training and go-live support as well as providing the application management, support services and also support to the provider of the hardware platform”