This week Atex is releasing a new Cross-advertising module designed to support broadcast advertising, booking and scheduling

Cross-advertising is the multichannel booking solution used by media companies such as Schibsted, Det Nordjyske Mediehus, Sjællandske Medier and many more. It provides an efficient platform to reserve, book, deliver and invoice advertising across multiple media. Developed to support print, digital, social and out-of-home, Cross-advertising now expands to provide complete support for radio and broadcasts.

Picture: Booking a radio spot in Cross-advertising

The new broadcast booking module allows media companies to fully manage booking and scheduling for radio spots. Among the main features:

  • Set up radio stations as products
  • Organise the 24-hour day into time blocks
  • Define the min/max minutes per block
  • Book audio spots on specific blocks
  • Perform inventory checks
  • Link to MP3 audio files
  • Define customer priorities
  • Schedule spots automatically
  • Automatically apply spot separation constraints such as ad trade code and voiceover artist.
  • Synchronise ad block timing over simulcast stations.
  • Export schedule to broadcast

Picture: A sample scheduling, ready to be exported for broadcast

“This is a milestone release for us. Our customers are creating value by bringing different media together. Sales teams across different products can finally manage the entire booking and delivery process on the same platform. This will dramatically improve the sales productivity and the monetisation opportunities for publishers.” commented Tom York, Head of Advertising Business Unit at Atex.

Photo in the cover picture by Jonathan Velasquez (Unsplash)