We are happy when our customers are! Newsday in Long Island went live with the Digital Media Content Management suite by upgrading their print and web components and have entered the second phase of the project, expanding usage of Digital Media Desk to handle video workflows and adopting the Atex Contributor Tool for journalists on the field.

The magnitude of the changes and the effects on the overall business also deserved an announcement on the print run!


“It's been five months since our rollout began with the Nov. 11 edition's feature section. By Dec. 1, all of Newsday was being produced with Hermes 11, and by mid-December, we were putting out amNew York as well.
We began to realize the benefits of our fully integrated system right away, as stories that once took four or five minutes to show up online were being published in less than half that time.
We're also using it to send content to our apps, our vendor feeds, our archive -- even our news budgeting system.
Our March 3 celebration, where we distributed and posed for this photo with our Hermes Heroes tee-shirts, celebrated a project that came in on time and under budget.
And now, in the second phase of our project, we're using Atex's dm.Desk to integrate our video workflow and introducing ACT, the Atex Contributor Tool for remote journalists." says one of the project managers,  Assistant Managing Editor Jack Millrod.