Atex is happy to announce that Nya Wermlands-Tidningens, the Swedish local newspaper distributed in the provinces of Värmland, Dalsland and western Dalarna, has placed an order for Atex Enterprise Mobile, the add-on of the Atex Enterprise advertising solution that enables mobile access to sales and booking functionalities. Thanks to the integration with Google DFP it gives instant access to the digital inventory and the ad serving configuration, the direct upload of advertising materials is possible as well.

NWT goal is to empower their salesforce so they can be more efficient when liaising with customers, being able to provide timely solutions and having a shorter sales cycle.

Kent  Rosenius, director of operations, commented: “Crucial for us are three things: sales reps can close the deal and do the actual booking during the business meeting with the customer; they can show in real time what bookings and offerings are available, on all digital and print properties; the product must be intuitive and extremely easy to use, to lower the adoption barrier”

Jesper Frank, International Sales Director for Atex, added “Programmatic Ads is the agenda of all major national newspapers, but NWT was looking for better ways to support local businesses, that need to be guided and advised through their options. With Enterprise Mobile their sales reps will have the tools to manage business discussions and close the deal. Thanks to the modular architecture of Enterprise Mobile, NWT will be able to quickly complement their Enterprise platform with the new options and the intuitive user interface will reduce training and adoption time.”