Sjællandske Medier, a regional media company in Denmark, publishes the newspapers DAGBLADET, Frederiksborg Amts Avis, Nordvestnyt and Sjællandske. The company also owns 42 free weekly newspapers, the website advertising agencies, local radio, video production and two rotary printing companies.

To support a growing advertising business, in 2021 Sjællandske Medier selected Cross-advertising Web Edition as the unified booking system across all their media properties, including print, digital and radio.

Cross-advertising is the Atex solution for multichannel booking, designed explicitly for selling advertising across print, digital, radio, video, outdoor, social and more. It includes everything needed to sell, book, deliver and invoice ads in a single system. At the same time, it provides an integration engine that allows media companies to connect Cross-advertising with existing tools and processes in a seamless workflow.

Three main drivers were behind the decision to adopt the new booking system across all products and teams in Sjællandske Medier:

  1. A flexible print booking process. Cross-advertising supports now the ability to assign different materials to the same print order. This way, one order spanning multiple dates can easily take advantage of different ads and different sizes across the campaign duration.
  2. A modern digital booking tool. Thanks to the integration provided with multiple ad-servers, Sjællandske Medier can benefit from a real-time inventory check at the booking stage. When the order is confirmed, it’s automatically transferred to the ad-server, ready to be approved for digital delivery.
  3. A powerful subscription order system. More and more media companies are taking advantage of subscription orders: advertisers can commit to a long-term relationship and benefit from discounted rates. Then the single campaigns are connected to the main order, so invoicing will be made according to the subscription rules.

“I’m proud to be in charge of a huge step in our organisation with the go-live implementation of our new, modern web booking and CRM system with no downtime + supporting around 180 users! A huge thanks to Atex for assisting us all the way and helping us over the finish line!” commented on the go-live day Rune McLeod Winther, Head of Production and IT Project Manager at Sjællandske Medier.