London, April 2024 – UK-based regional publisher Tindle Newspapers adopted Atex auto-pagination solution to improve print workflow efficiency across all titles.

Tindle Newspapers, started in the 1950s by Sir Ray Tindle, is now one of the largest privately owned regional newspaper companies in the UK. It publishes 23 print titles every week, alongside associated websites and social platforms, and broadcasts from five radio stations.

All print titles have been produced on Atex systems since 2016. In 2023, to achieve higher efficiency in producing their print titles, Tindle started an internal process to identify workflow improvements and best technology tools. After engaging with the editorial team and reviewing the tech infrastructure, the company decided to adopt Atex auto-pagination solution.

We’ve been working with Atex for many years now, and we trust their technology to improve workflow efficiencies in many areas of the business. So, adopting Atex auto-pagination was a very natural path to achieving our goals. As a result, we can continue to focus our attention on the importance of content creation and how we share this with our local audiences across multiple channels,” commented Scott Wood, Managing Director of Tindle Newspapers.

Thanks to our auto-pagination solution, we enable publishers to significantly reduce the time and resources traditionally required, thereby cutting production costs while maintaining, if not enhancing, the high-quality standards their readers have come to expect. Our technology not only streamlines editorial workflows but also empowers journalists and designers to focus on creating compelling content without compromising on presentation quality. We’re proud to provide a solution that supports sustainable journalism in the digital age, ensuring that newspapers can continue to thrive in both print and digital formats.“, added Gian Camillo Vezzoli, Head of Content Business Unit in Atex.

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