As of June 9th 2022, sports an entirely new look, more multimedia based and modern, designed to perform at its best on any device you use; your computer, tablet or smartphone. It is also the first Italian local news site to adopt a dark theme with a black background; a turning point that anticipates the evolution that is taking place on smartphones where dark-background apps are now the norm.

New design

The Trentino site has been redesigned with mobile browsing as the priority. In the first five months of 2022, mobile readers exceeded 79% of the total readership. Therefore, it is natural to think about a mobile-first site – including news presented side by side – to provide more content offerings from the home page.

The new site was created by the Wenceslau studio in Barcelona thanks to the creativity of Enzo Iaccheo and the technical support of Atex, with the team led by Luigi Romanelli and Paola Zupponelli.

Leveraging a fully responsive design, the news on the home page scrolls differently depending on the device from which you read it. Main stories include news articles, multimedia insights, video cards and pictures.

Dark background (or, if you prefer, white as usual)

As mentioned, the new design adopts a “total black” site, with a smart effect between the top story in light background and the rest of the news in black. Trentino is the first local news site in Italy to adopt this strategy. For users who prefer the standard white background, clicking on a switch below the menu bar allows them to revert to the traditional white design.

New video section

Significant space has been reserved for videos. On the previous site, viewing the videos directly from the home page in the top story and the leading positions was already possible.

Now videos have their dedicated slot that you can see directly from the home page, with a simple click on a button that will appear right in the middle of the first image.


The site has also been totally redesigned in its sections. The home page has the top story and four leading articles. After the weather forecast and the video slot, you will find the vertical sections. These are the areas showing the highest growth in the past few months for page views and unique users.

The first section is “Tell Trentino”, and the interactive map is an integral part of the home page, where you can zoom in on a single location and read all the reports received since last October when the section was initially launched and has been growing since then.

Then you will find the section for the site dedicated to Lake Garda, a deep look that goes beyond the Trentino shore to become a real reference portal for the entire Lake Garda, too often divided (even politically and strategically) between the three regions.

And then again, the section dedicated to the Mountains also overrides provincial borders: it is common to say that mountain people have no boundaries.

After that, the section dedicated to School & Research takes a deeper look at children’s education and the teaching world (from nursery to university).

Of course, all the local news is still available, included in the top menu that users are already familiar with: Trento, Rovereto, Riva, Arco, Pergine and the Trentino valleys.

Breaking news

Finally, there is a space for breaking news. A news ticker at the top of the home page provides real-time 24/7 updates with the most relevant news from Italy and the world. Our vertical thematic channels created in collaboration with Ansa are also available: Health and Wellness, Travel, Science and Technology, Earth and Taste and Europe.

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