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Atex Digital Media

Atex Digital Media is a modular and scalable content management platform. Combine Atex Digital Media options to build a single solution that can manage all your needs of gathering content, manage dynamic and very large assets repositories, coordinate content production workflows, targeted content publishing on web sites, mobile devices, apps and print products.


The Atex Contributor Tool, a browser based application for media neutral content authoring and publishing on print and digital channels

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A new approach to digital asset management! Manage all of your multimedia assets in a responsive mobile UI. DM.Desk includes pictures desk functionality, video management and a dynamic metadata management framework with automatic content tagging features.

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Produce monthly magazines or run multi edition and multi zone large daily newspaper operations. Full edition planning and production monitoring, advertising planning and integration with ad booking platform. Comes with highly efficient Atex pagination engine or with Adobe InDesign.

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Build your online presence, on desktop and mobile devices. Modular design, a plug-in architecture and limitless customization and development options. Huge traffic, high numbers of users and dynamic content are not a problem, our "Multi level and multi layered" caching technology handles them all with a small infrastructure footprint.

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The core technology that is the foundation of the whole Digital Media Suite. 100% Java technology and a NoSQL backend content repository, fully customizable and API accessible, use it to build a lean and efficient enterprise content platform. DM.core includes ACT, the mobile content contribution tool.

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Atex Advertising is a fully integrated solution with the tools to help manage every facet of your premium advertising business, from lead generation to revenue collection.

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