Atex Content Engine (ACE) is an API-first, multi-channel content management system, developed by Atex building on 20 years of experience of software development for the media business, to let publishers enjoy the many advantages of the headless CMS architecture.

Headless by Design

The API-first architecture of ACE allows organizations to use their preferred frameworks and programming languages, treating the CMS as just a content repository, while also providing components to easily get started creating applications in Java.

ACE was designed from bottom up to be a truly headless content management system with a feature-rich content creation support.

The data model is flexible and extendible, enabling transforming and composing of data, which results in high reuse of data. New content types can easily be created and added to the model. Developer friendly: Atex provides developers with SDK for Java clients and a UI library to develop custom widgets.

Modern and fast user interface

Technology Stack

ACE builds on high performance, battle proven components:

Standard and open technology stack

AWS cloud deployment

Using a microservices architecture with a set of loosely coupled, collaborating services, ACE handles high throughput in dynamic contexts with large content volumes.

Each microservice runs in Docker containers and orchestration is managed by Amazon ECS which guarantees that each service can be scaled and deployed independently without service disruption (rolling updates). This architecture allows to remove any single point of failure and bottleneck and guarantees high availability of the system.

SaaS model

ACE is available through a Software as a Service (SaaS) agreement with different price levels based on the number of users, the volume of content and traffic and the desired SLA level.
Atex is member of the AWS Partner Network

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