ACE – Atex Content Engine

API-First, multi-channel CMS, build multi-device presentation layers with your preferred frameworks and languages.

Developed from scratch to fully leverage multi-platform publishing, it supports all types of content, including videos, articles, and galleries. An expressive GraphQL API empowers organisations with the total flexibility of using their preferred frameworks and programming languages, treating the CMS as just a content repository.

ACE Web adds an optimised Node+Rest based frontend with a rich set of widgets to allow fast no-coding deployment of new sites.

ACE Headless Core features

Headless cms

ACE Web features

Building on top of the ACE Headless Core, the ACE Web module offers online news publishers a rich set of out of the box features allowing them to start publishing with zero coding needs.


ace demo front page

Site Builder

ace demo page builder
ace demo page builder

ACE SaaS offer

Atex is member of the AWS Partner network and has leveraged the AWS suite of services to implement a cost effective and highly performing SaaS offer:

  • ACE core delivery services: deployed in docker containers orchestrated by Amazon ECS

  • ACE backend services (content storage, search server, messaging bus): deployed in dedicated clusters (Couchbase, Solr and Kafka)

This architecture implements the best balance between dedicating resources to each specific customer and sharing infrastructure costs across the board.

ACE integrations and plugins

Atex has integrated into ACE best of breed solutions to provide specialised extra features and functionalities on top of the inbuilt ones.

Case Study:

Crave of Bell Media in Canada

Crave is a subscription-based OTT streaming service by Bell Media in Canada. ACE serves as the main content hub of Crave, delivering content to multiple channels through the Content API and the ACE Spring Boot SDK.

  • 2 million+ subscribers

  • Multi-channel – web (, iOS/Android, AppleTV and more

  • Multiple integrations, supporting sites and apps

  • Content types: series, episodes, movies, collections, rotators etc

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