ACT, the Atex Contributor Tool

Contributing content is a 24/7 activity nowadays. Users have to be able to work in and out of the office and on any device they can lay their hands on. If you think that they have time for a training course then you are sadly mistaken as they might not even be staff members. The software has to be as easy to use as possible and allow them to publish every type of content, not just words and spaces, to every type of publishing media including print, web, mobile, social. With these goals in mind and a few more besides Atex have created the Contributor Tool.

Any device

Ok, so you can’t run it on your washing machine but if your device has a browser, then you’re “good to go”. All features are available in an HTML responsive user interface that can be used on phones, tablets and desktops. No software to install, immediate updates and full access to your assets from everywhere.

Easy to use

We write applications a little differently nowadays at Atex. Our interfaces use predictive technology where we analyse what has just happened to a piece of content and suggest the next action automatically. We don’t even rely on you remembering to save the content anymore, we’ll do that for you too. The look of our applications is modern, clean and fresh and you will be able to use it without the need for training.

Any Content

Whether you are wanting to submit stories, images or multimedia ACT is the tool for you. Customisable input templates are designed with you to ensure that all the information you need to gather is captured during the delivery process.

All Channels

Flavour content for digital and print channels with live previews.
An article can be published straight away, without further editing or channel adaptation.

Previewing the article on a print page
Previewing the article on multiple devices

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