Ad booking and ad production

Cross-advertising Multi-Channel Booking System

Manage your entire advertising workflow in one place.

A browser-based solution providing end-to-end multi-channel advertising management, covering the whole advertising process from sales, CRM and booking to production and invoicing. Cross-advertising can be delivered as SaaS, in the cloud or on-premise.

Cross-advertising is user-friendly, easy to navigate and accessible via desktop, tablet and mobile device through its responsive design.

An enterprise application with a flexible module-based package solution for print, online, radio with fully customisable workflows.


MultiChannel Booking

Provides ad salespeople with the most effective tools to book, schedule, price, and process ads, including classified liner ads, display ads, impression-based digital advertising, inserts, events and more.

With easy to configure workflow management, Cross-advertising has been designed to quickly and easily take bookings across different channels.


A CRM built specifically for Media companies.

Improve your sales process with end-to-end relationship management available in one system. With easy to organise customer contact information available at your fingertips!

  • Rich email and calendar integration

  • Track all types of sales activities, documents, emails and advertising campaigns in any channel

  • Information-rich customer cards

  • Highlight upselling opportunities with direct inventory control for print and digital

  • Built-in configurable Sales Dashboard that provides key metrics for salespeople, teams and managers


Ad Management, production and ultimate efficiency … let Cross-advertising take care of it.

Automate, notify and track flexible job-based workflows to support ad production, ad operations, material handling, copy chasing and more.



Customer credit control, invoicing and accounting all within the same solution.

  • Flexible invoicing, payment and accounting rules

  • Easily automate the invoicing of multi-channel orders

  • Support for subscription-based invoicing

  • Financial reports that provide deep insight into order and invoiced data

  • Out of the box integration with major third-party systems


Provides instant feedback on company and team performance with a variety of configurable reports.

  • Sales activities budget and follow up

  • Product and customer analysis

  • Pipeline data for both offers and booked orders

  • Year on year comparison

  • Budget follow up for sales, products, channels, customers and sales campaigns

  • Average discount

  • … and many more

Easy to extract data to external business intelligence tools, if needed, allowing complete reporting flexibility.


Self-service tools

A fully functional, white-label, self-service platform that allows publishers’ customers to book their own campaigns directly via the publisher website.

  • Support guest booking and user registration

  • Simple, guided steps for selection of ad inventory

  • Classified ads and display ads supported

  • Styling options and live preview of the final ad

  • Connection with multiple payment gateways

Enabling small and individual customers to easily book their space online and deliver the campaign through the same print and digital workflow of larger customers.


Integration Platform

Extremely powerful modern integration platform providing ultimate flexibility. Built with industry complexity in mind, Cross-ad integration offers a scalable and robust platform with out of the box connectors to all major ad servers. Connect with finance, editorial or any other third-party platform, whether its batch processing and or to enhance business rules and workflows.

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