The core technology at the heart of Atex Digital Media. 100% Java technology and a NoSQL backend content repository, fully customizable and API accessible, use it to build a lean and efficient enterprise content platform.

Manage all content

All content in one logical repository. Gone are the days when you had to search either in your CMS or in your archive or somewhere else. dm.core manages and disseminates the content to the right place at the right time.

Consistent Metadata definition across all your assets

Your content is only of any real value if you can efficiently find it and use it. That goes for your readers as well. dm.core offers a flexible and sophisticated metadata model that lets you classify all content items consistently. Text mining extensions add speed and precision to the tagging process.

On-the-fly customizable templates (content type definition)

Structured content and a strongly typed content model are key foundations for efficient cross-channel content re-use. Easily define and modify your content model without system restart or changing the underlying data storage.


Works with up to 640kB of content data and stream from dual floppy drives! Just kidding. We wouldn’t be around if the system wasn’t scalable and fast enough to cater for the requirements of top media houses around the world. Don’t take it from us, head over to the customer list and have a look.

Developer Friendly

We are developers and we like developers. dm.core is modular and built with an API-first mindset. There are APIs and REST web services for everything and many of the auxiliary parts are popular and battle-proven open source components, like Solr, Apache Camel, JBoss and Tomcat. All well-documented.

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