A new approach to digital asset management! Manage all of your multimedia assets in a responsive mobile UI. Desk includes pictures desk functionality, video management and a dynamic metadata management framework with automatic content tagging features.

Fast and scalable

Desk searches are fast! You don’t like to wait, if you can’t find content quickly you will not use it. We are using Solr open source technology to guarantee speedy asset searches and fast pace indexing of new content. Need to ingest 30.000 pictures per day? Done. The implementation of an industry standard NoSQL database guarantees an always snappy and ready database, easy and migration free addition of new storage or processing power.


Powerful search features like faceted search, auto correction, suggestion of alternative searches let you wade with ease through terabytes of information. The Desk UI has been built with ease in mind, take for example the picture desk, it has never been so easy to browse through thousand pictures.


All features are available in an HTML responsive user interface that can be used on phones, tablets and desktops. No software to install, immediate updates and full access to your assets from everywhere.

Picture Desk

Search pictures, browse them and collect as you go. Review and refine results of the collection process and use your pictures: share with colleagues, publish them as an image gallery on a web site or send them to colour correction - all workflows can be implemented thanks to the DM.core customisation possibilities.

Use your assets

Dynamic metadata definition for different types of assets, alert queries, shared drawers, import and export capabilities, drag&drop integration with Atex Newsroom and Adobe InDesign*, assets are always ready to be used.

Cloud or Self Hosted?

Install Desk as a self hosted application or as a Cloud (or private cloud) instance. Atex can completely manage your Desk instance with a complete set of monitoring options and different levels of support options.

* Together with DM.print

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