A modular full-stack Web CMS for fast multi-channel publishing! Manage all of your online properties across all channels from one browser based UI. Polopoly covers everything from sophisticated content management to managing sites and navigation.


All content items are stored as channel neutral objects and rendered to a channel in real time with the correct template and format for the specific channel. Channels are freely configurable and it allows easy support for odd formats or separate content delivery for special cases, like apps or for syndication.

Mobile friendly

The system ships with a responsive design website to cover the basics right from the get-go. It is built using current best practices and popular, modern frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap. Using the plugin-concept, it also serves as a feature gallery for what you can do with Polopoly.


Polopoly is multi-tenant. It has a built-in mechanism to host and manage the content for multiple sites all in one installation. Content can be shared or be siloed, depending on your needs. It is all controlled using a fine-grained permission system.

Feature rich, using plugins

Polopoly includes everything from built-in OpenID login and registration for users to a paywall. New functionality can easily be added thanks to plugins. Plugins encapsulate portable features and are an example of the modularity of Polopoly.

Developer friendly

There is an API for everything and if you only need something, then there is a REST API for that as well. Polopoly is a modular system, built in Java and Javascript and there are plenty of examples and documentation to get you going. It makes use of well-known frameworks and products like Tomcat, Solr, Camel and uses Maven for project builds and plugins.

Cloud or Self Hosted?

Install Polopoly as a self hosted application or as a Cloud (or private cloud) instance. Atex can completely manage your instance with a complete set of monitoring options and different levels of support options.

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