Print is dead and we are all doomed. Well maybe not! Atex have provided solutions to the print market for over 30 years and know a thing or two about how to refine this process, make it work in a world where we have so many publishing channels to choose from, and do it all as efficiently as possible.

Rich Editioning

The dm.print Edition management tool handles the most complex edition schemes. It efficiently manages content and page layout inheritance between editions that might have different regional, timing or channel scope.

Advertising Workflow

Edition management can be easily integrated with advertising booking systems and advertising material management solutions. Edition setup can be automatically driven by the booking system, all ads automatically flow on the right position when available. An ad planning option makes it possible to manage all ads placement inside the editioning tool, greatly simplifying the whole ad to editorial workflow and allowing quicker communication between advertising and editorial.

Manage Complexity

One of the dm.print solution main strengths is managing very large newsroom operations, where hundreds of editors, paginators, media producers, web developers and other supporting roles collaborate daily to crank out news on mobiles, web sites and print publications, where meeting the deadline is a business critical operation. The workflow engine streamlines and coordinates content production and publishing, configurable to adapt to the requirements of different collaboration models.

Newspapers or Magazines

Consolidate production of all print titles in a single system: with the options of proprietary page design tools or Adobe InDesign. dm.print supports production of highly streamlined daily newspaper or more creative magazine titles, within the same system.

Streamlined page design

Mobile, web, tablet, print! A modern newsroom targets so many channels nowadays, it’s tough to keep delivering fresh, rich content and meet print deadlines at the same time. With dm.print we ease that, automatic selection of page templates based on advertisement load and page templates with variable layouts streamline the preparation of print pages, getting rid of manual pages design and touch up.

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