Data consolidation and analysis

News media organisations growth focus is 100% digital in the third decade of the millennium. Editorial and marketing teams use great analytics tools to understand their readers, news consumption and users’ conversion patterns. Everybody wants to know the cost of producing specific news. Typical questions are: “What is the cost of my Home Page?”, “Are the costs where our revenue is generated?”.

Insights Analytics is a new platform collecting and combining data from different sources, providing data analysis to assist managers in making the right operational or business decisions.
Insights Analytics offers reporters and contributors’ costs management plus daily content publication reports.

Data from any source

Analytics gathers, consolidates and presents information from different stages of the news production workflows and presents it in configurable dashboards. It is fully integrated with Atex systems but can import raw data from any source system. It can be installed on premise or made available as a Cloud option.

insights workflow

Reporters and contributors’ costs

The information is collected from the print and digital workflows, together with relevant information for calculating contractual payments (e.g. the length of a contribution or the channels rights).

UI for visual workflow

Analytics UI provides visual features to maximise the content validation workflow efficiency: users can browse the newspaper’s pages and validate each published content.

UI for visual workflow

Built-in repositories for Payment contracts and External Contributors

A contracts repository is used to match a reporter with the right contract and calculate the reporter’s fees that are then consolidated in a financial report and sent to external invoicing systems.

Published contents workflow

A built-in list of statuses provides a way to categorise published content to improve verification and validation activities but also to produce reports to analyse published content.

Published contents workflow

Production Analytics

Analytics collects daily information about published articles: how many, in which sections, whether they are free or paywalled, generating reports to support fact-based decision making.

Analytics can collect data about the production workflow behind the published content to understand where editorial resources are being used. It helps managers take the right operational or business decisions: how much time is required to produce an article, how many people are involved, how much time is spent on each step of the workflow to create content or a page?

Production analytics

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