The Atex Cloud is our full range of hosting and managed services designed to accommodate customers that want to move from on-premise to SaaS-based deployment models.

Atex is committed to providing end-to-end services to meet any company's requirements:

Control your production and operating costs

With the Atex Cloud for hosting and managed services, we handle the installation, maintenance and support of your systems. As a result, your production and operational expenditures are greatly reduced.

Free up capital and increase your business flexibility

By reducing the cost of your IT infrastructure, the Atex Cloud gives your company the freedom to invest in new projects or bolster current initiatives.

Enjoy some peace of mind

Atex will monitor your system's operations and takes corrective action as soon as a malfunction is detected, your company can be confident that Atex will keep your systems operating continuously and correctly.

Implement a solution that is tailored to your company's needs

The Atex Cloud is customizable through flexible contractual terms and service level agreements, allowing you to modify your managed services as your requirements change or your business grows.

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