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All Atex solutions are available on a choice of public and private Cloud partners.

Are you thinking about cloud-based hosting for solutions? Over 40% of our clients currently enjoy the cost benefit of Atex’ high performance and secure hosting services to manage their content and advertising systems.

Atex has partnered with major players of the cloud scene to provide services tailored to the needs of our customers: AWS, Elmec and ODC.

With 9 certified AWS engineers, we are able to design for you a highly optimised AWS infrastructure, thought for flexibility, scalability and capable to support fast content distribution worldwide through the AWS CDN.

Elmec is a European business offering IT services and solutions that for over 45 years has accompanied companies on the path to digitization. A partner that works with Atex to provide a uniquely personalised infrastructure and able to offer the reliability and dedication needed by the demanding needs of news publishers. In 2019 Forbes has ranked Elmec in the list of 50 international companies top leaders in the digital evolution!

Oulun Data Center is an ICT service based in Oulu, Finland, whose strength lies in the services produced in its own fault-tolerant data centres. ODC provides ICT infrastructure and cloud services to increase the efficiency and security of companies and organizations in the Nordics.

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Reliability and Security:

  • Disaster Recovery options

  • Scalable

  • Secure/encrypted environment

  • Load balancing

  • Virus protection

  • Fully Managed

Low cost of ownership:

  • No servers to purchase

  • No server or database to be managed

  • No servers to update

  • No software to update

  • No backups to be managed

  • No antivirus or other third party software to purchase

  • No database licenses to purchase

Convenience and Flexibility:

  • Just connect to the Internet

  • Connect from anywhere

  • Add users with a simple phone call

  • Print anywhere

  • One big virtual office

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