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With an ‘instant-on‘ package, running in the Amazon AWS cloud environment, you have quick access to our solutions, monitored 24/7 by a dedicated team of application, infrastructure, security and networking Amazon certified professionals.

Instant-on‘ solutions bring you the benefits of native SaaS implementations with the advantages of a team of experts that can support you in configuring and using them.



A powerful and flexible web experience manager solution that let a publisher build modern web sites using an agile framework based on modern, well known, technologies like React and Spring.


To help editors and managers optimize their workflows and their efficiency.
Analytics gives and understaning of the inner workings of a newsroom and the practical results.
A couple of examples where analytics can help.

  • Understand the contributors cost for a daily newspapers of for sections of a web site

  • Analyze where editorial efforts are placed, to match them with readers conversion data

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