Professional and Managed Services

All you need and configure and maintain our solutions.

Get you “up and running” fast!

Whether you are starting afresh with our content or advertising solutions or extending them across additional projects, our team is here to get you up and running, fast.

With more than 40 years of experience working with some of the biggest publishers in the world, our implementation process identifies and resolves potential pain points to minimize your solution time to market and maximize your return on investment.

Our solutions are field-tested with baked-in best practices, all delivered with a proven methodology for managing the implementation and post-implementation process.

Trust our experienced team of consultants to work with you to collaboratively define the project plan, outlining milestones, dependencies, end dates and resource assignments. Atex utilizes an iterative design process to ensure that what is delivered clearly meets your business requirements and incorporates your best practices.

Managed Services

Control your production and operating costs

With the managed services option, we handle the installation, maintenance and support of your systems. As a result, your production and operational expenditures are greatly reduced.

Enjoy peace of mind

Atex will monitor your system’s operations and takes corrective action as soon as a malfunction is detected Your company can be confident that Atex will keep your systems operating continuously and correctly.

Hosting Models

Full hosting

Atex provides and manages:

  • Infrastructure

  • Atex software


A 3rd party (contracted by customer) provides:

  • Infrastructure

Atex provides and manages:

  • Atex software

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