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Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) technology using natural language processing (NLP) Atex Text Analytics service can process text in any language and extract key concepts and entities, domains, and sentiment.

Atex Text Analytics service is provided in partnership with Babelscape, a company founded in 2016 and building on multiple award-winning research in the NLP field performed by the group headed by prof. Roberto Navigli at the Sapienza University of Rome.


Atex Text Analytics can:

  • Extract the key concepts and entities involved in a text

  • Interconnect them in an intelligent way

  • Obtain the key domain(s), i.e., fields of knowledge, the text belongs to

  • Assign a sentiment to the whole text, but also to individual paragraphs and sentences


Statistical and semantic extraction

Atex Text Analytics provides a seamless combination of statistical and semantic techniques. Statistical machine learning is applied to identify the key terms in the input text, whereas semantic text understanding, enables linking terms to concepts and entities as available in the knowledge graph. Terms, concepts, and entities are ranked by importance, and the domain and sentiment information conveyed in the text are provided. Atex Text Analytics makes it possible to distil knowledge from text written in multiple languages, including non-standard text, such as bags of words or search queries.


Atex Text Analytics comes with the following features:

  • Extraction and ranking of key terms mentioned in the text

  • Generalisation of terms to concepts and named entities (e.g., different mentions to the same entity are grouped into a single item)

  • Concepts and entities are linked to the knowledge graph, which enables language independence

  • Identification of the domains (i.e., fields of knowledge) of the text

  • Sentiment analysis performed at all levels: whole text, paragraphs, sentences and individual terms, concepts, and entities

  • Cross-lingual semantic similarity is enabled

How it works

Atex Text Analytics takes as input a text (or a collection of texts) and ranks the key concepts and entities, as well as domain and sentiment information, as shown below:

Atex Text Analytics is natively integrated in Atex content management solutions and can also be integrated with any 3rd party system thanks to an open REST API.

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